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Strickler Men, Enid OK, ca. 1915

left to right, per note on back of photo:
Tracy, Paul, Art, Joseph Richard ("Tuck"), Burt, and their father, Jacob Brubaker Strickler

Strickler Family, At Same Gathering

This photo bears no information on the back.  The men are all identifiable from the photo above.  We don't know who any of the adult women are; Jacob reportedly had four daughters, so some of these women may be children and others wives. The oldest kneeling child is my grandmother, Genevieve Elizabeth Strickler (1901-1987).  We think that the small girl on the far left is Lois Margaret Strickler, whom we knew as Aunt Teace (1911-1997), and that the girl on the far right in the plaid is Helen Josephine Strickler, whom we knew as Auntie Jo (1906-1992).  It is from the birthdates of these three daughters of Tuck that I am placing this photo as dating from around 1915.