James Morrell (1739-1807)


Father: Jeremiah Morrell
Mother: Mary Smith


NOTE:  There is considerable disagreement between "Burke's Landed Gentry" of 1937 and Brigid Allen's "Morrells of Oxford" regarding these siblings.  I have favored the latter in the below list.

Daughter: Maria Morrell (1770-1800?), married Rev. Robert Wintle, Vicar of Culham, County of Oxford
Daughter: Ann Morrell (1772-?)
Daughters: Mary and Sarah Morrell (1773-?), apparent twins
Son: Deacon Morrell (1775-1854) , M.A. Christ Church, Oxford, unmarried
Daughter: Elizabeth Morrell (1777-1846)
Son: Baker Morrell (1779-1854)
Sister: Frances Morrell (1780-1826)

Burke's lists Deacon and Baker, then lists their only sisters as "Margaretta" and Anne Deacon, with the former being the wife of Rev. Wintle (see Maria above) and the latter living until 1870 which seems unlikely if this is the "Ann" born in 1772.


First Wife: Elizabeth Sheen (1741-1765)
Second Wife: Ann Baker (1741-1819) of Moulsford
Brother: Jeremiah Morrell (1729-1795)
Brother: William Morrell (1731-?)
Brother: Charles Morrell (1735-?)
Brother: Mark Morrell (1739-1807) - Mark's sons Mark and James started Morrell's Brewery in Oxford.  James also built the original structure of what became Headington Hill Hall (click here for Stephanie Jenkins' excellent history of this family in Headington).
Brother: Robert Morrell (1741-1816) - Robert's son (also names Robert) was also involved in Morrell's Brewery.
Sister: Mary Morrell (1745-1765)


Birthplace: Wallingford, Berkshire, England
Birthdate: 1739
Date of Death: 1807


James became a very successful attorney in Oxford, and helped bankroll his nephews James and Mark's new brewery.
This is according to The Morrells of Oxford - A Family and their Brewery 1743-1993, by Brigid Allen (Sutton Publishing, Ltd., 1994)

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Morrell, James