The Morrells of Oxford 

These pages exist to display information and interrelationships between people on the Morrell branch of my family, and also as a way for me to share other items of interest I have discovered in my research.  Please contact Tom at: with any comments or additions.  Note that each page includes names of siblings and spouses, if known to me.

Via this web site and the research that has gone into it, a lot has happened since 2001:

NOTE - I have now published our full family tree (click on this link) to the World Connect project. 

Our Direct Ancestors:

My Grandmother:
Winifred Christine Campbell Morrell (1896-1974)

Winifred's Morrell Line:
Reginald Lister Morrell (1868-1927) , Winifred's father
Hopewell Baker Morrell (1836-1908), of Moulsford, and his wife Louisa Foote Hay (1837-1920) , Winifred's grandparents
James Wright Hayward Morrell (1802-1873)
Baker Morrell (1779-1854) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Chapman (1783-1861)
James Morrell (1739-1807) , founder of the Morrell law firm in Oxford
Jeremiah Morrell (1700?-1766)

Winifred's Brown Line:
Ada Florence Brown (1874-?) , Winifred's mother
Edwin Brown (1827-1903) and his wife Amelia Clancy (1828-1911), Winifred's grandparents, of Benalla, Victoria

Other Family Members:

Joseph Chapman, D.D. (1743?-1808), president of Trinity College, Oxford
Hopewell James Shuldham Morrell (1860-1906), Reginald's eldest brother, the last Morrell to own Moulsford
Frederick Joseph Morrell (1811-1882), Oxford solicitor
Frederick Parker Morrell (1837-1908) , Oxford solicitor and mayor
Philip Edward Morrell, MP (1870-1943), Liberal pacifist MP and husband of Bloomsbury hostess Lady Ottoline Morrell
Charlotte Mount Brock Morrell Schreiber (1834-1922), a prominent Canadian painter
Mark Morrell (1737-1787), father of the founders of Morrells Brewery of Oxford - the family that built Headington Hill Hall

Additional Historical Information:

A Brief History of Moulsford, an estate in England owned by several generations of this family
Moulsford Sale Book - Scanned original description of the Moulsford Manor estate in the early 1900's
Link to British History Online discussion of the Morrells in Oxford
Headiington Hill Hall (this link will take you to Stephanie Jenkins' Headington History Site)

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