Frederick Joseph Morrell (1811-1882)

GENETIC PARENTSFrederick Joseph Morrell

Father: Baker Morrell
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Chapman


Son: Frederick Parker Morrell
Son: James Chapman Morrell (1840-)
Son: Baker Morrell (1841-)
Daughter: Maria Morrell (1842-)
Daughter: Mary Sophia Morrell (1844-)
Daughter: Anna Maria Morrell (1845-)
Daughter: Louisa Anne Morrell (1846-)
Son: Edward Chapman Morrell (1850-)
Son: George Lewis Hayes Morrell (1852-)
Son: Arthur Morrell (1853-)
Daughter: Helen Morrell (1855-)
Daughter: Henrietta Morrell (1857-)


Wife: Elizabeth Maria Parker
Brother: James Wright Hayward Morrell
Brother: Robert Price Morrell
Brother: George Kidd Morrell
Brother: Thomas Baker Morrell
Image of Frederick Joseph Morrell (c) National Portrait Gallery, London, used with their kind permission.


Birthplace: Oxford, Oxford, England
Birthdate: Jan 25, 1811
Date of Death: 1882


The beginning of the Morrells of Black Hall - Frederick's wife, Elizabeth Maria Parker, was the daughter of James Parker of Black Hall
Continued in his father's and grandfather's law firm, Morrell & Son (later Morrell, Peel and then Morrell, Peel and Gamlen), Served as Solicitor for Oxford University and Steward of St. John's College.

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Frederick Morrell, Frederick Joseph