James Wright Hayward Morrell (1802-1873)


Father: Baker Morrell
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Chapman


Son: James Baker Morrell (April 21, 1833-?) in Quebec City Canada. Apparently a family secret, and may have died young
George Deacon Morrell (1834-1879)
Son: Hopewell Baker Morrell
Daughter: Mary Susanna Morrell (1837-1924)
Charles Girdlestone Morrell (1838-?)
Son: James Yorke Morrell (1841-1897)
Daughter: Fanny Caroline Morrell (1843-?)


Wife: Mary Caroline Stuart, daughter of Dr. William Stuart, Staff Surgeon of the Garrison of Quebec. Married June 5, 1832, in Champlain, New York, an apparent elopment. Mary was apparently no more than 18, and James was 30.
Second Wife: Elizabeth Gaunt, 41 years his junior and his sole heir
Brother: Robert Price Morrell , (Rev.) M.A. Balliol College, Oxford, married Mary Mount Brock, daughter of Major George Brock of Toronto, Canada.  Their daughter,  Charlotte M. B. Schreiber, became a prominent artist in Canada.
Brother: Frederick Joseph Morrell , Attorney from Oxford
Brother: George Kidd Morrell, Vicar of Moulsford from 1846 to 1877
Brother: Thomas Baker Morrell (Rt. Rev.) (?-1870), D.D Oxford, Bishop Coadjutor of Edinburgh 1863-1869


Birthplace: Oxford, England
Birthdate: April 9, 1802
Date of Death: 1873


Of Forthampton House, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire .  Forthampton was the ancestral home of the Hayward Branch of James' family - his maternal grandmother Mary Hayward was one of a long line of Haywards from the area.

Possibly a black sheep of the family. Was at least initially part of his father's law practice in Oxford, but was mostly disinherited. At his uncle Decon's death, Moulsford passed to James' son Hopewell Baker Morrell, rather than to James himself.

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