Hopewell James Shuldham Morrell (1860-1906)

Photo of Hopewell Jr.


Father: Hopewell Baker Morrell      Tribute to HJSM in Moulsford Church
Mother: Louisa Foote Hay




ukWife: Anne Alicia Estill (nee Ambrose), a widow with two children, who then married Major-General Sir William Donovan, K.C.B. after Hopewell's death
ukSister: Louie Florence Morrell (June 1862[?]-6/22/1933) (death certificate says aged 73 years, so may have been born earlier)
ozBrother: Arthur Frederick Way Morrell (6/27/1863-5/6/1950) click here for more info on Arthur's descendents
ozBrother: Charles Sconce Morrell (5/14/1864-10/7/1948)
???? Brother: Herbert Hugh Morrell (5/7/1866-?)
usBrother: Reginald Lister Morrell (12/22/1868-1927)
ukSister: Winifred Violet Morrell (abt. 1869-1896)
ozBrother: Leonard Cyrill Morrell (12/26/1870-2/28/1939)
usBrother: George Deacon Morrell (5/7/1872-1938)
ukBrother: Noel Hay Morrell (11/18/1874[?]-9/15/1906)
usBrother: Walter Morrell (8/26/1876-?)


Birthplace: Paddington, Middlesex, England
Birthdate: December 22, 1860
Place of Death: Moulsford, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), England
Date of Death: March 21, 1906


According to The Kilvert Society, Hopewell Jr. became a Lt. in the South Wales Borderers.
Took over Lordship of the Manor of Moulsford in 1903, intending to reside there... but died young.  To pay for the extravagant improvements her late husband had been making to the estate, Moulsford was then sold off by his widow.  See A Brief History of Moulsford.
Tombstone inscription at Moulsford reads, "In Memory of Hopewell James Shuldham Morrell Lord of the Manor at Moulsford died March 21st A.D. 1906 aged 45 years"

Football photo cropped from photo of Llandrindod Football Club, 1883, courtesy The Kilvert Society.

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