Moulsford Sale Book

My great-great grandparents, Hopewell Baker Morrell and Louisa Foote Hay Morrell, owned Moulsford Manor, a large estate along the Thames, from 1854 to 1903. The estate had been in the family for more than 100 years before Hopewell inherited it from his great-uncle Rev. Deacon Morrell.

These 30 images are the front cover and all pages of a sale book for the Manor.  I cannot find a date anywhere in it, but place it at roughly 1908-1912.  A few of the pages include brief notes from my great-great grandmother,  which I will attempt to place into context on their respective pages.

Pleae contact me, Thomas Payne, with any notes or comments on this.

I also have transcribed a document, passed eventually to me from my grandmother, which is a Brief History of Moulsford.

I am grateful to my aunt, Diane McDonald, for passing this information along to me.

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NEW - Map from the Sale Book

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